Where To Eat In Kitchener-Waterloo? A List Of 20 Amazing Spots!

Hi there!

My name is Laura Munz and I'm the co-owner of the Paint by Munzy Art Gallery located in UpTown Waterloo.

Before we opened our gallery doors almost four years ago my background was entirely in hospitality and travel. Due to this, I often find myself recommending great places to grab a bite to eat in Kitchener-Waterloo to our many visitors. To save myself from writing out this list on the back of a business card another billion times (at least), I thought that it might be helpful to write a post of some of my favourite spots in the Waterloo Region. 

We have so many unique independent businesses that I love in this area. For that reason, please note that these are a few of my favourites. If you’ve had a great experience somewhere in town and think our Paint by Munzy community should know about it, please feel free to add any positive experiences to the list below.

I didn't include either of our markets on the list but they are certainly favourite stomping grounds that should not be missed. On weekends you can find me alternating between the St Jacobs or Kitchener Market overwhelmed by the variety of offerings, weighed down by heavy bags of produce with a big smile on my face!

Be sure to look into the listed places for yourself before visiting to ensure they are still up and running. Happy exploring!

  1. Jane Bond
  2. Nick & Nat's Uptown 21 - Brown Bag Lunch Friday's
  3. Ethel's
  4. Proof
  5. Timeless Cafe
  6. Princess Cafe
  7. Settlement Co
  8. Seven Shores Cafe
  9. Bhimas Warung
  10. Koh I Noor
  11. Vincenzo's
  12. Mozy Shawarma
  13. Pho Dau Bo
  14. MPC Public & Public Market (same owners)
  15. Rainbow Caribbean
  16. Queen Street Commons
  17. Checkerboard
  18. TWH Social
  19. Yeti Cafe
  20. Chopan
October 10, 2017 — Laura Munz

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