Hi there,

My name is Laura Munz and I sell my brother Jonathan Munz's beautiful artwork. Day to day I manage our Paint By Munzy art gallery in Waterloo, Ontario and get a lot of questions about my background so I thought I'd put together a little info about myself here.

I started working in restaurants at a young age. My first job was at a breakfast buffet making waffles, flipping omelettes and clearing tables. From there I have worked at every kind of restaurant one could imagine; breakfast, chain style, cafe, hostel, wine bars and fine dining. With over fifteen years of experience in the industry, hospitality taught me invaluable people and customer service skills. My outgoing personality and desire to entertain others served me well. After extensive hands-on learning of what makes a successful restaurant, I took on the role of consulting small to medium size venues organizing menus, inventory and staff training. There was never a dull moment or a day that was the same and I fell in love with the flexibility and lifestyle restaurants offered me.

I did not go to college or university, instead, I received my education from the my experiences working and living all over the world like China, Australia and Suriname with lots of backpacking/travel in-between.  I feel incredibly blessed to hold a Canadian passport and for the limitless opportunities it has brought me. I make it a priority to give back as much as possible to share my good fortune in the little ways I can.

Over a decade ago, I sold my first painting for my brother. From humble beginnings my brother and I have successfully bootstrapped our independent gallery and online art business “Paint By Munzy”. Over the past six years we have shipped thousands of Munzy originals and prints to art collectors across Canada, and beyond, and continue to see exciting growth each year.

When I’m not busy selling art I can be found in the forest or at home giving my dog “Bettie” a belly rub. My family and friends mean the world to me so I find myself spending quite a bit of time catching up with those I love over the phone or at a greasy spoon diner over breakfast. I’m also a synchronized figure skater (it’s a real sport) who isn’t afraid to fall down, although that ice sure is hard.

I’m most inspired by empathetic people who treat others and nature with respect, tread lightly and live life with passion, purpose, integrity and honesty. I’m particularly grateful for those who dare to be different and give themselves time and space to think outside the box.

I enjoy connecting with others so if you’re ever looking to bounce a creative idea off someone, feel free to reach out.