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Send us your commission request for consideration. We'll be in touch with any follow-up questions in a few days.
After we work out the details with you, your piece will be created in approximately 3-4 months.  No deposit required.  
View your custom painting for the first time. We are confident that you will love it which is why we offer a 100% guarantee.

Art that tells your story

Ever dreamed of commissioning an artist to paint a custom piece of fine art for yourself or a personalized gift? 

Experience the joy of custom original art, meticulously hand-painted using oil on canvas by Waterloo-based artist Jonathan Munz. 

With over 20 years of experience and very happy collectors, our tried and true commission process has been designed to be an stress-free experience for our clients as well as the artist. 

We are currently accepting commission requests for 2024 with limited spaces still available.

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Do you have a photo/s you would like Jonathan to consider painting? 

Would you like us to find a reference photo for a special place or subject? 

Are you interested in one of Jonathan’s existing originals and would like something similar? 

 The more details you can share the better, but we are also here to help you out along the way! Let us know by  email (or, we like phone calls too) if you have any special requests such as budget, specific size, orientation or timelines. 

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Reference photos + Munzy paintings

More Information

  • Sizes and Pricing

    We do not accept any form of payment until your painting is complete and we know that you love it.  Please note that we do offer any custom size in addition to the popular sizes listed below.  Prices do not include HST or shipping.  

    16" X 24"   $875
    12" X 36"   $975
    18" X 36"   $1460
    20" X 30"   $1350
    24" X 36"   $1950 
    24" X 48"   $2600
    30" X 45"   $3050
    36" X 36"   $2900
    36" X 48"   $3900
    48" X 48"   $5200

    Diptych - 2 Panel 
    20" X 30"   $2700
    24" X 36"   $3900
    30" X 45"   $6100
    12" X 36"   $1950
    18" X 36"   $2920
    24" X 48"   $5200

    Triptych - 3 Panel 
    20" X 30"   $4050
    24" X 36"   $5850
    30" X 45"   $9150
    12" X 36"   $2925
    18" X 36"   $4380
    24" X 48"   $7800
  • Timeline

    Production time varies based on availability and painting size. On average your commission painting will be completed in 3 to 4 months. If you have a deadline to meet, we are always happy to try to accommodate special requests.    
  • Reproductions

    Our gallery offers fine art canvas prints of all of Jonathan’s paintings including commissioned works. If you would like your painting to be exclusively yours, it will be subject to additional fees. If you would like reproductions made of your commissioned painting (often clients use them as gifts) we will be happy to accommodate your requests.  


Customer Feedback

We love wowing our amazing clients!
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Reminder of Home
Jonathan's artwork graces 2 rooms of our new condo. In the living room, he did a consignment painting of our former backyard on the Grand River. It's a lovely reminder of our home for 27 years before we moved. In our bedroom, we have a taste of Venice with a print of "3 Gondolas". Laura is the administrative and marketing guru of Paint by Munzy looking after the framing of both pieces of art. It's always a pleasure dropping in to see her friendly face in Uptown Waterloo.
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40th Anniversary Gift
We commissioned a painting for my parents 40th anniversary. Our family loves Georgian bay and my father has a number of pictures from that area that are dear to our hearts. We loved Jonathan's work - especially some of this Georgian bay landscapes so knew immediately that he would be the best person to put one of my dads photos on canvas. Working with Laura was a dream. She is professional, courteous, funny, honest and is so kind. She worked with my parents to understand their desires for the painting and helped to narrow down a few photo options to pass along to Jonathan. Not only was working with her amazing, but the finished product took our breath away. Not only was Jonathan was able to paint a stunning piece of art but he was able to capture a feeling in his painting - one that we've all felt spending our summers in Georgian Bay. We loved the experience of working with them and are so happy with the finished product. I highly recommend Paint by Munzy in all they do!
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Camping Trip Memory
Paul and I have followed Jon's work for many years. Once we retired we finally took the time to do a camping trip around the great lakes. We love our provincial and federal parks, however, Lake Superior Provincial Park was one of our favourites. We brought home some lovely shots of the shoreline and while looking at them, I thought, "this is a scene that Jon can bring to life'. So I dropped him a line along with a few shots and asked him if he would create a piece that I could give to Paul for his birthday. This magnificent original hangs on our wall and we have the good fortune to view it every day. Jon captures the essence and beauty of Canada's rugged landscapes in his own unique way. It's a gift that we treasure. Thanks to Jon the artist and thanks to Laura who believes in her brother's talent.

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