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Karen E.

Jonathan's artwork graces 2 rooms of our new condo. In the living room, he did a commission painting of our former backyard on the Grand River. It's a lovely reminder of our home for 27 years before we moved. In our bedroom, we have a taste of Venice with a print "3 Gondolas". Laura is the administrative and marketing guru of Paint By Munzy looking after the framing of both pieces of art. It's always a pleasure dropping in to see her friendly face in Uptown Waterloo. 

Alex L.

I was looking for a Christmas gift for my mother & found it at the Paint By Munzy Art Gallery. Laura - the sister of the artist - was very friendly and helpful and had a canvas print made of the painting I was looking for (which had unfortunately already sold) in only a few days, which is stunning, considering how close to Christmas it was! If I'd come in a little sooner, she told me that Jonathan might have been able to do a commission for me. They also have art cards which I've been using as Christmas & birthday cards, and a few have been used for decoration, actually.
If you happen to be in the downtown Waterloo area, it's definitely worth a visit. Jonathan's work is vibrant, unpretentious, and quite affordable. 

Mulroney & Associates

The paintings that are hung throughout our office makes an incredible impact. They really make the walls come alive while rendering a sense of tranquility. When you look at a Munzy, you enjoy a moment of calm and stillness. Each one is so unique and it is impossible to pick a favourite! His painting technique is inspiring and we can't wait to add more to our collection!

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