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Oil Paintings

Oh How They Glow

Discover the vibrant beauty of Canadian artist Jonathan Munz's one of a kind paintings. Rich in colour and texture each piece is meticulously hand-painted using oil paint on stretched canvas.  
One Of A Kind
What's the difference between an original oil painting and a canvas print? There is only ever one original painting and when it's sold it's sold. Each painting is unique and each brush stroke is intentionally applied to the canvas by hand.
Oil Paint
Oil paints are one of the great classic media. They have been used for hundreds of years and have stood the test of time with great durability and steadfast colour. They have a slow-drying time, during which their colours do not change, allowing the artist to create some truly unique colour palettes. 
Gallery Stretched
High quality craftsmanship, our paintings are stretched over 1.5" or .75" thick wooden bars depending on the size of the piece. All Munzy original edges are painted black to give a crisp, framed look to each piece.
Ready To Hang
All Munzy oil paintings come ready to hang with professional hanging wire. No framing required. Our wooden frames are surprisingly lighweight so all you'll need is a hammer and a nail.
On Display
Paint By Munzy Art Gallery in Uptown Waterloo, Ontario is home to Munzy's original oil paintings. If you'd like to see them in person, book an appointment anytime. If you are from out of town or would rather work online we would be happy to send additional photos/videos of any piece.
Global Shipping
We offer global shipping on all Munzy original paintings.  Want a shipping quote?  Email us at


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I love Jonathan's work. Every painting brings the essence of the nature into our home.

Rob Klea


I love recommending Paint by Munzy to my design clients! As a designer with a background in math, I love the geometrics of Jonathan's art, and his unique view of the world around us. My clients especially love the story behind each piece - if you love nature, colour, and whimsy, you will absolutely fall in love with this artist. Can't wait to get my hands on another piece!

Shauna Lynn Simon


It was a pleasure to be introduced to the gifted work of Munzy. He has a very talented way of capturing Mother Nature's sublime immensity.

Gillian McKeen


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