About Munzy

Always drawing, designing and building, Canadian artist Jonathan Munz has exhibited artistic talent since a young age. 

During his childhood, the Munz family spent summers exploring national parks with Killarney and Algonquin holding a special place in their hearts. Always inspired by nature, Jonathan began sketching more seriously shortly after an introduction to The Group of Seven and, more specifically, Canadian artist Tom Thomson. This early exposure to nature, culture and art fuelled a passion in him that later grew into experimentation with his own paintings. 

“I always loved being outside as a youngster,” Jonathan states. “I enjoyed watching water; be it streams, waterfalls, lakes and reflections. As I got older I started to appreciate the beauty in solitary scenes as well. The windswept nature of northern Ontario trees, the way sunlight streams through a forest and the colours of autumn. I’m a big fan of winter as well and appreciate the clean whiteness of it all. In the end I think nature creates beautiful shapes and colours so I try to capture some of it in a painting.” 

Jonathan Munz paints from his home studio supporting his independent art gallery and online business “Paint by Munzy” managed by his younger sister Laura Munz.


The Stick Man Story

The Stick Man was Jonathan Munz’s first piece of art. Created using a medium of green Crayola crayon on drywall, this masterpiece still exists on the walls of the artist’s childhood home in Heidelberg, Ontario. 

When Jonathan’s father discovered drawings on the bathroom cabinet drawer, he gathered his three children for a family meeting. It was made clear that walls, cupboards and furniture were not ideal places to colour. With a concerned look, Jonathan brought his father to his sister’s bedroom. He opened the closet door to reveal his latest work “The Stick Man.” 

Although only three years old at the time, Jonathan still recalls just how difficult drawing that stick man was. When asked about it he jokes, “yeah it was hard to draw. Do you see the detail in his hair?” 

Over the years the Munz household has changed its interior many times. Surviving home renovations and usual wear and tear, Jonathan’s first piece has been endearingly preserved never to be painted over or left behind.  

Stick man Update: February 23rd, 2021 

Jonathan's beloved stick man drawing has officially left its Heidelberg closet. It was with heavy hearts we said goodbye to our family home in January. Our Dad kept his promise and removed him, promptly glueing him into an old coaster holder which I thought was funny. Thanks for the memories Heidelberg. The stick is now proudly on display our Paint By Munzy gallery in Uptown Waterloo.

About Munzy
About Munzy