How To Choose The Right Size Of Art

How To Choose The Right Size Of Art

Are you looking for a piece of new art but are unsure of what canvas size will work best of your wall?

If you've discovered a piece you are interested in and are curious to see how it will fit in your space, we recommend using green painters tape (that can be purchased at any hardware store) to tape that size option directly onto your wall.

We also offer free in-room mockups where clients can send us a photo of their space with a green tape outline along with the name of the piece they're interested in seeing.  We're then able to photoshop that art directly in their room.




Send us a photo with your green painters tape mockup and we'll photoshop the image you're considering into your space for free.




The Stick Man Story

The Stick Man Story

The Stick Man was Jonathan Munz’s first piece. Created using a medium of green Crayola crayon. this masterpiece still exists in Heidelberg Ontario, the artists hometown.

When Jonathan’s father discovered drawings on the bathroom cabinet drawer, he gathered his three children for a family meeting. It was made clear that walls, cupboards and furniture were not ideal places to colour. With a concerned look, Jonathan brought his father to his sister bedroom. He opened the closet door to reveal his latest work “The Stick Man.”

Although only four years old at the time, Jonathan still recalls just how difficult drawing that stick man was. When asked about it he jokes, “yeah it was hard to draw. Do you see the detail in his hair?”

Over the years the Munz household has changed its interior many times. During home renovations and construction, Jonathan’s first piece has been endearingly preserved, never to be painted over of left behind.


Who Is Paint By Munzy Artist Jonathan Munz?

Who Is Paint By Munzy Artist Jonathan Munz?

Above: Jonathan Munz painting at the Paint By Munzy Art Gallery.

Who is Munzy?

Always drawing, designing and building, Waterloo based artist Jonathan Munz has exhibited artistic talent since a young age.

During his childhood, the Munz family spent summers exploring national parks with Killarney and Algonquin holding a special place in their hearts. Always inspired by nature, Jonathan began sketching more seriously shortly after an introduction to The Group of Seven and, more specifically, Canadian artist Tom Thomson. This early exposure to nature, culture and art fuelled a passion in him that later grew into experimentation with his own paintings.

“I always loved being outside as a youngster,” Jonathan states. “I enjoyed watching water; be it streams, waterfalls, lakes and reflections. As I got older I started to appreciate the beauty in solitary scenes as well. The windswept nature of northern Ontario trees, the way sunlight streams through a forest and the colours of autumn. I’m a big fan of winter as well and appreciate the clean whiteness of it all. In the end I think nature creates beautiful shapes and colours so I try to capture some of it in a painting.”

Jonathan Munz continues to paint from his home studio supporting his independent art gallery and online business “Paint by Munzy” managed by his younger sister Laura Munz.

If you’re looking for stunning original art, be sure to visit Laura at the Paint By Munzy Art Gallery located UpTown Waterloo. By appointment is available to suit your schedules needs. 

Gallery: 32 King Street North, UpTown Waterloo
Phone: 226-606-2233

5 Tips On Gifting Art

5 Tips On Gifting Art

Summer is here, the sky is blue, whoa-oh-oh…

Are you going to the chapel and want to find that perfect off-registry gift to wow your special someones?

Why not consider giving the gift of art this wedding season!

Art can be a memorable gift that will last with the happy couple throughout the years. Here’s a few things you might want to consider before saying “I do” to that perfect piece.


With any purchase, budget will ultimately help you decide what kind of art purchase you’ll be making. Always feel comfortable being upfront with a gallery or individual artist about what your budget is so that they can make easier recommendations.


What do you know about who you're shopping for? Do they love travel? Camping? Is there somewhere specific that holds special meaning to them? If possible, finding a piece of art with personal meaning is always a safe way to guarantee that their new art will be loved forever more.


Do these newlyweds have a home full of bare walls or are they already collectors? If you’re unsure, it’s always a safe bet to go with a medium size piece  to be sure they’ll have space for something in their home. If you know their space is missing larger pieces and have the budget to splurge, then try for a bigger piece!


Does the gallery or artist you’re making a purchase with offer returns? Feel confident with your gift giving and be sure to request a gift receipt as a just in case.

Gift Certificates:

Overwhelmed by choice and just don’t know what kind of art to pick? Gift certificates are a great option for art gift giving.

6 UpTown Last Minute Shopping Ideas

6 UpTown Last Minute Shopping Ideas

Tick tock goes the holiday clock!

If you're looking for some last minute local gift ideas, look no further. Uptown Waterloo has something for everyone on your holiday list. Here are six amazing independent businesses (in no particular order) to check out this holiday season.

1. Cobblestone Gallery

33 Erb St. W, Waterloo

Being Canadian and supporting artisans and craftspeople are two very important but simple criteria for this store! Whether you are in need of a wedding gift, decorating your space (be it home or cottage) or to simply treat yourself after a job well done, visiting the Cobblestone Gallery will ensure that you find something unique. For 25 years they have been supporting the Waterloo community and region and they are planning to be around for many more years to come!




2. Words Worth Books

96 King St. S, Waterloo

Considered the heart of vibrant uptown Waterloo for over 30 years, Words Worth Books is champion of the printed word and is curated for any type of reader. They offer a dedicated stock of the best new Canadian and international fiction, cookbooks, DVDs, interesting non-fiction along with a carefully considered backlist of titles in which they boast a top-notch mystery section. For children, they promote an enchanting reading corner featuring charming picture books and young-adult novels. If you are looking for a book that is not on one of their extensive shelves, they are happy to help you find it or special-order it even if its “out-of-print”.



3. Truth Beauty Company

46 King St. N, Waterloo

A one stop shop for a first rate selection of natural and organic skincare, hair care and cosmetic brands, the Truth Beauty Company is founded on raising awareness about harmful chemicals for the environment as well as for our bodies. They believe that efficiency and luxury should not be sacrificed for beauty at the expense of one’s health and the planet’s. TBC is certified through various campaigns as well as Bcorp in order to highlight their commitment to the environment and their community. Moreover, they support many local brands in order to prioritize Canadian made products.




4. Princess Cafe 

46 King St N, Waterloo

I love getting friends & family a gift card for dinner and a movie at Princess Cinema/Cafe.

For $24.50 (including tax), This awesome gift idea will get your loved one a panini with side, dessert, a drink, and admission to a film at either Princess Cinema.




5. Gifted

181 Park St, Waterloo

You will never leave Gifted empty handed! A favourite go to store for unique, beautiful and practical gifts, it's a perfect shop to cross many people off your last minute list! It's like somehow, they always have exactly what you've been searching for!  Easy parking in their back lot is a great bonus too.



6. Loop

13 King St N, Waterloo

Have a stylish gentleman on your list? Be sure to stop by Loop clothing, an exclusive streetwear boutique located in Uptown Waterloo.  Loop sources and supplies a great mix of cult, underground street brands from all over the globe in a beautifully curated environment. 




And then there's our little gallery... :)

Paint by Munzy 

32 King St. N, Waterloo

And you are always welcome to stop by our Paint By Munzy Art Gallery! We have lots of beautiful signed prints, mugs, greeting cards, colouring books and more all for $30 and under.


5 Reasons To Check Out Munzy's Holiday Show

5 Reasons To Check Out Munzy's Holiday Show

Looking for something exciting to do this November? Join us for our 6th Annual Paint by Munzy Holiday Art Show & Calendar Launch on November 16th, 6-10pm at Button Factory Arts! Here are 5 reasons why you don’t want to miss this party!

1.  Our guests and super awesome team! We may be a little biased but, we believe that Paint by Munzy’s original art has attracted some of the coolest people in Waterloo Region. Disappear into our energetic crowd or strike up a great conversation with a fellow friend of Munzy! 

2. Beautiful, original oil on canvas paintings by your local artist Jonathan Munz! Explore a full collection of available impressionist and contemporary paintings with the artist in attendance.

3.  Venue. Haven’t visited Button Factory Arts in UpTown Waterloo before? Now’s your chance! Previous workplace to more than one hundred button and buckle making men and women in the early 1900’s, this historical building is a real beauty! 

4. Two events in one night! While Paint by Munzy takes over the second floor to party, Button Factory Arts will be hosting a collective art Night Market featuring the works of other local artists. A real one stop shop just in time for the holidays.

5. Live music, food, drink, Munzy prints, greeting cards, 2020 calendars and more!

WHEN: November 16th 2018, 6-10pm 

WHERE: Button Factory Arts (second floor) 25 Regina Street South, UpTown Waterloo. (Free parking in lot across the street)

FREE EVENT - RSVP: Click on the link here to claim your free tickets! 


30th Annual Mary Allen Studio Tour

30th Annual Mary Allen Studio Tour

Join us for a weekend of new art!

Laura Munz will be opening the door to her Waterloo home to welcome hundreds of art admirers during the 30th Annual Mary Allen Studio Tour.

Munzy will be releasing 10 brand new, never seen before original paintings created for the 2020 calendar.

It's a free event and lots of fun to explore with family or friends.

Walk, bike or drive through historical neighbourhoods throughout K-W while exploring 44 local artists at 14 different locations.


Opening Night: Friday Sept 27, 7pm-9pm

Saturday Sept 28, 10am-5pm

Sunday Sept 29, 12pm-4pm


272 Herbert Street, Waterloo  (lots of parking on Roger)



Mom of Munzy Mini Q & A

Mom of Munzy Mini Q & A

With mother's day just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to ask the woman we love the most a few fun questions for a mini Q&A post.

6 Things To Consider When Commissioning A Painting

6 Things To Consider When Commissioning A Painting

There are many possible motivations for commissioning an original painting.

Perhaps you’re looking for a memorable gift for that special birthday, retirement or wedding? Or maybe you’ve fallen in love with an artist’s work and they just don’t have that perfect piece you’re hoping for that fits your space.

No matter what the motivation might be, commissioning an original painting can be a daunting task, especially when you’re not quite sure where to start.

Working with an artist can and should be an exciting process when armed with the right questions and fair expectations! After years of managing commissioned painting consultations for my brother and artist Jonathan Munz, I wanted to share a few base questions we ask that have created a pleasant experience for both the artist and our happy clients.  

1. Budget

Whether it be a commissioned painting or canvas print for your space, this is the most important place to start when considering any kind of art purchase. Any artist that you’re working with should be able to provide a price list for their work showing available sizes and costs. Ultimately, your budget will dictate what sizes are possible for your commissioned painting.

Some artist will offer their clients the opportunity to make instalment payments over a period of time. The amount for each instalment should be agreed on by you and the artist in order to produce an invoice that outlines your payment plan for both your records. Be prepared to take ownership of your new art after your final instalment payment has been made, although some artist might be flexible with their terms.

Note: The prices of commissioned paintings can be more expensive than the artist’s original works due to the additional time needed to plan for commissions and source the appropriate materials required.

2. Reproductions

With advancements in modern technology, prints have become a reliable source of income for some professional artists. If you are hoping to retain creative rights to your commissioned piece you can expect to pay an additional fee in order to do so.

Personal Note: I’ve always believed that rarity doesn’t necessarily increase the value of a piece in this day and age. The more demand there is for a print of a painting, the more precious the original piece becomes. After 5 years of business at our Paint By Munzy Art Gallery, we’ve found our clients like to encourage reproductions of their pieces for this very reason: they’re proud to own the one and only original.

3. Space

Do you have a specific space in mind for your new piece? The artist you’re commissioning might be able to help make some size recommendations if you’re open to suggestions. If you already have a size in mind but aren’t 100% sure, try using green painters tape to mark an outline on the wall to give you an idea of how the painting might fit the space.

4. Subject - What Do You Want Painted?

Custom: Using Clients Photo

Hoping to have one of your own photos translated into an original painting? If an artist is willing to work with a reference photo you provided, it might be possible to capture one of life’s memories or your favourite place.

Note: Be prepared to share more then one photograph for the artist to choose from. Sometimes the artist will crop an image or slightly alter it to try to work with your requested canvas size.

Custom: Using A Previously Painted Piece By the Artist

Has the artist you’re hoping to work with created a painting in the past that you loved but it already sold? Or perhaps the piece wasn’t the right size for your space?

Often artists are willing to create paintings based on previous works they’ve created. They can work with size, subject and colour schemes specifically requested by their clients. Although the artist might not want to create the exact same painting, they might be comfortable to produce something similar to a previous piece as a part of a collection. When my brother paints custom pieces based on his own work, he likes to create something slightly different so clients don’t end up owning the exact same painting as someone else.

This might sound silly but if you’ve found an artist whose work you truly admire, it’s always best to let them be as creative with their process as possible.

Note: Be sure that you love the style of the commissioned artist for what it is. If you were looking to get a landscape oil painting commissioned, you wouldn’t find an artist who paints watercolour portraits right?

5. Timeline

Commissioning art is a process that requires planning. It’s always best to give yourself and the artist a few months time for any custom paintings. Completion time is often dependent on the artists availability (do they have other paintings on the go?) and the size of the painting itself. Smaller paintings of course usually require less time, 1 month - 2 months, while larger paintings can take anywhere from 3 months to a year depending on the artists schedule and painting process.

6. Viewings

Months have passed and it’s time to view your commissioned painting! Reveals can be awkward and nerve racking for both the artist and client. Don’t be surprised if it takes you time to warm up to your new painting. You might have created an image of what the finished piece will look like and be taken aback as an initial response. Don’t worry if this happens to you! You’re bound to fall in love with your one-of-a-kind, original masterpiece that is hand-painted just for you.

Now get out there and have fun making your artistic vision come to life. Happy commissioning. 

5th Annual Holiday Exhibition & Calendar Launch

5th Annual Holiday Exhibition & Calendar Launch

Paint By Munzy is Turning 5!

We invite you to join the celebration at our annual Holiday Art Show on November 17 at the Button Factory Arts in Uptown Waterloo.

Treat yourself to viewing over 60 unique artworks by Canadian painting Jonathan Munz as well as catered snacks, cash bar, live music and a silent auction.

Our holiday party is always a blast and entry is free. 

We'll also be offering complimentary issues of our brand new Paint By Munzy 2019 calendar.

Thanks to all who supported our family-owned business over the years. Stop by and say hi. We look forward to seeing you there!  

Reserve Your Free Tickets Here