33 Piece Kitchener Waterloo Local Art Collection

Dive into the vibrant and unique world of Kitchener-Waterloo through the eyes of celebrated local artist Jonathan Munz.

His latest collection, a stunning ensemble of 34 pieces, captures the essence of our beloved community.

From Uptown and Downtown urban scenes to serene natural landscapes from Laurel Creek Conservation, the Grand River and beyond, each artwork tells a unique story, reflecting the beauty and spirit of Kitchener-Waterloo.

Join us as we explore this captivating collection that celebrates the places, moments, and memories that make our region truly special.

Browse the full collection by clicking the link here. :)


Grist Mill - Uptown Waterloo


Ethel's Lounge - Uptown Waterloo



Iron Horse Trail - Kitchener Past Belmont Village




Kitchener Clock Tower - Victoria Park




June 25, 2024 — Jonathan Munz

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