Must See Iconic New York Art Series: 18 Stunning Pieces By Jonathan Munz

Jonathan Munz, "Paint by Munzy" artist based in Waterloo, Canada, has been a fan of NYC since his first visit to the city as a young man nearly 17 years ago.

Over a period of six months, Jonathan created a vibrant, deco style 18 piece “Iconic New York Art Series" using reference photos from his time spent in the big apple using a medium of oil on canvas.

"New York is my favorite city in the world (no disrespect to others, and I am by no means thoroughly traveled). The lights and sounds make me feel like I'm walking through a real movie (whatever that means), inviting endless walks of exploration.  Its nature as an old port seems to bring a vitality and diversity of architecture/people/food that is unsurpassed by any other city I've visited.  People who know me are aware of my love of winter and for the beauty of a snowfall, and NY in the winter is magical. The Chrysler building is my favorite building of all time, especially viewed at night from the Empire State Building (which is likely my second favorite). Munzy really does love NY" writes Jonathan in his artist statement.

If you're interested in exploring Paint by Munzy's full New York collection click here.



October 10, 2017 — Laura Munz
Tags: New York Art

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