Top 50 Canadian Interior Designers To Follow

There are millions of interior design blogs on the web today.

It's just hard to narrow down which ones are from Canadian Interior Designers. Until now that is.

We’ve hand picked the top 50 Canadian Interior Design Blogs for you. Making it a cinch to stay inspired, and connect with the best Canucks in the business of making our spaces more beautiful.

1. Nordic Design

Nordic Design
As the name implies this blog focuses on nordic styles of interior design. Think of the Swedish look made famous by Ikea, and the unmistakable Hygge look from Denmark. You'll be adding natural surfaces, and clean lines to every space after spending some time browsing these refreshing posts.

2. Lushome


If you are into Interior Design, go ahead and bookmark this site. It has an encyclopedia of knowledge. Topics range from interior design, decorating, colours, staging, Feng Shui and much more.


3. Amanda Hamilton Design

Amanda Hamilton Design
Amanda Hamilton's blog crushes it. Get modern design tips, room makeovers, neighbourhood reviews, high-level decorating tips and more. And whenever she’s not dishing out tips on her blog, she's delighting her clients in Calgary and Vancouver.

4. Homes Magazine

Homes Magazine
Having a hard time getting started on your next project? Then spend some time browsing the design & decor category of MyHomePage. In a few clicks you'll have more design ideas than you can work with. Plus, you can also find info on renovations, the ever changing real-estate industry and product through their sister websites.

5. HGTV Canada Renovations

HGTV Canada Renovations
HGTV Canada has a whopping 75 shows about home renovations, gardening, real estate and cleaning. If thats not enough you can visit their renovations blog for tons more on interior design and renovations.

6. The Pinnacle List

The Pinnacle List
As the name implies, The Pinnacle List is luxurious and bold. It made it on our list because of its unique targeting at the luxury destination real estate audience. With a wealth of knowledge how to add some more bling and class to your interior design.

7. Home Stratosphere

Home Stratosphere
Home Stratosphere is a solid interior design blog. Featuring professional photography, clean design, and well written guides for interior & exterior design. Including how to design for your wine cellar, staircases, bathrooms and more.

8. Design Chronicle

Design Chronicle
Design Chronicle has many commercial and residential focused posts. See the work that retailers are putting in these days, to design great experiences for shoppers across Canada. You'll also hear where top notch Canadian Architects where they get their inspiration.

9. The Province

The Province
The Arts & Life section of BC's The Province has a beautiful and well curated selection of decorating articles. See how top Canadian designers approach their projects, and how major public buildings were re-designed.

10. Montreal Gazette

Montreal Gazette
Our friends in la belle province are well served with the interior decorating, renovating, gardening and many other tips found on the

11. Vancouver Magazine

Vancouver Magazine
If you don't already live in Vancouver, you may want to after you see this site. Vancouver Magazine does a fantastic job of putting together an enviable portfolio of projects from their city.

12. Home Stars

Home Stars
Homestars helps you find professionals to help you with your home including renovators, repairmen, retailers and more. They also have a healthy variety of interior design articles that will please anyone who's thinking about their next project.

13. Canadian Architect

Canadian Architect
The focus of this blog is architecture, but you will thank us for adding it. Learn how the layout and structure of your home affects your lifestyle, and your interior design.

14. Bluebird Upcycled

Bluebird Upcycled
Erin Rochon offers a unique perspective on interior decorating by integrating "upcycling", furniture refinishing and DIY into her posts. Making this blog great for your wallet, the environment and your home.

15. Style at Home

Style at Home
Never suffer from interior-design FOMO again with You'll be in the know of the top trends, colours, patterns, looks and designs you need to have.

16. Modern Home Mag

Modern Home Mag curates stunning modern designs to inspire and guide you. See renovations, peep through hundreds of home tours, or drool over amazing listings in Victoria, BC.

17. Home Made Lovely

Home Made Lovely
Home Made Lovely has ideas for decorating, and guides you can use to spruce up your own home. It also includes budget decorating ideas and farmhouse styles.

18. Christine Dovey Blog

Christine Dovey
Christine Dovey is a world renowned interior designer. Get an intimate look behind the curtains of her work, including her inspirations, partnerships and challenges.

19. Desire To Inspire

Desire To Inspire is one of my favourites on this list because of the modern designs it features from around the world. Funny thing is it's written by two women who've never met, and who do not practice interior design. Nonetheless, their enthusiasm and passion for design shines through each curated room and project they feature.

20. Lark & Linen

Lark & Linen
Jacquelyn Clark's blog showcases her soft, feminine and chic style, through the design of warm interiors & delicious recipes.

21. Brittany Stager

Brittany Stager
Don't let Brittany's youth fool you, she's a pro. Check out her site for quick tips on interior decorating for your home, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining and more. I personally enjoyed her DIY section.

22. Rambling Renovators

Rambling Renovators
Have you ever thought about the planning and work that goes into renovating a home? If so, you can get all your answers here with step-by-step guides from Jennifer and her handyman husband Sean. As they renovate an entire semi-detached 1950's house, room by room.

23. Re-Creative

Staging your property can get you thousands more than your asking price. Just ask The Property Brothers. Re-Creative Works shares the secrets to their success in Toronto's hyper competitive market, by applying their modern and eclectic style to every project.

24. Row House Nest

Row House Nest
Meagan and Roselie have a blog that is jam-packed with DIY projects. Their style is a mix of mid-century modern and rustic interior designs.

Condo living has its perks, and does a great job of showing what they are. Make life more comfortable and stylish with interior design advice for singles and families.

26. Design Quarterly

Design Quarterly
If your looking for interior design inspiration for commercial or hospitality projects then take a look at They feature projects from across Canada that are fit for designers, homeowners and Executives.

27. Sabrina Smelko

Sabrina Smelko
Get inspired with high-level advice from award-winning designer Sabrina Smelko. Then go along for the ride as she shares the ins and outs of her life, work, musings and creativity with you.

28. The Marion House Book

The Marion House Book
Emma Reddington has the eye of an art exhibitor. Her beautiful pictures of artfully designed interiors, and unique home accessories are well worth the visit.

29. White Cabana

White Cabana
Jordana must have super powers. She's a writer for Domino, a previous contributor to Fashion in Motion, and a published author. Dr. Jordana (yes, she's got her PHD in education too) still finds time to shares loads of good stuff on her blog, mainly her love for the crispness of the color white.

30. Savvy Home

Savvy Home

Browse through inspirational posts with great photography featuring coastal interiors. Plus you can also get shopping tips, and decor services from Gabrielle Savoie.

31. Maria Killam

Maria Killam
Maria Killam's blog is a great interior design blog to follow if you want to know about colors. If your stuck choosing the right colors for your living room, dining room, or bathroom, Maria has you covered.

32. Reena Stropa

Reena Stropa
Reena Stropa's blog masters the balance between function and beauty of interior design. I love their appreciation for designing for their client's needs, especially for busy families. Their designs always look and feel great without sacrificing practicality.

33. Living Room

Living Room
The best part about this blog is the variety. You’ll see great interiors from across Canada, and the world. From homes, apartments, bedrooms and backyards. For singles, couples, and families.

34. Canadian Homeowner

Canadian Homeowner
If you’re a homeowner you know that what you don't know can hurt you. Luckily, Canadian Home Owner has put together a good selection of tips you need to know about. And they help you do it in style.

35. Creating Contrast Designs

Creating Contrast Designs

The Creating Contrast blog is great if you want more than just to look at pretty pictures. You'll learn the details about getting interior design projects done right. Claire's insights will help you to remodel specific rooms (living room, kitchen, mudroom) and projects like halloween decor and more.

36. Judith Taylor Designs

Judith Taylor Designs

Journey through a world of inspiring interiors right from your laptop with Judith. Enjoy her insights as she curates and critiques perfect designs that challenge trends from the past and present.

37. MV Glass Point

MV Glass Point

Add a clean modern touch to your showers, staircases, offices and even patios with glass framing. Learn everything there is to know about glass here. From what hinges to get, how to find a contractor, and inspiration.

38. Tanya Collins

Tanya Collins

Tanya's blog showcases a number a well explained blog posts to modernize your home today. She's been featured everywhere in Ottawa when it comes to interior design, and is a dedicated fundraiser and supporter of her community.

39. Perfect Painter

Perfect Painter

No interior is complete without the right choice of colors for your walls, trim and ceilings. That's why this blog is a must. You'll also find interesting tips to paint your floors, home exterior, swimming pool and even your driveway.

40. Space Harmony

Space Harmony

This blog is very user friendly and comprehensive. You'll find more than enough inspiration and guides to renovate, enhance, and design the perfect spaces for your home.

41. Ariel Muller Design Inc.

Ariel Muller Design Inc.

Learn about innovative new technologies in the interior and exterior design categories. Like a "Loop" outdoor shower system, IMAX home theatre, and a vibracoustic bathtub that combines music and vibrations to give you a superior relaxing experience.

42. Hibou Desing & Co.

Hibou Desing & Co.

They say makeup looks great when it's not overdone. Interior design follows the same rule, and you see this in effect here. Every room, look, installation, rug, painting and piece of furniture works harmoniously.

43. Canadian Mom Reviews

Canadian Mom Reviews

Moms know a thing or two about making you feel at home. That's exactly how you'll feel here. Get interior design, DIY, gift guides, and many other tips through the heart of a Canadian mom.

44. Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look into the coveted designs of renowned Designer Sarah Richardson.

45. Zolo


Get great advice on how to improve the design of every room. You'll also find good tips on home buying, selling, mortgages and more.

46. Leanne Bunnell Interiors

Leanne Bunnell
You can learn a lot about interior design from Leanne. That includes the usual bedroom, bathroom and living room design advice. As well as less common things like spotting new trends, redesigning with laminates, and how fashion crosses over from runways to your home.

47. Patricia Gray

Patricia Gray

When John Travolta wants great design, he calls Patricia Gray. The award winning Designer shares her love of art, architecture and exquisite design, all while seeming so down to earth. Despite her massive success and encounters with stardom.

48. Home and Design (Globe and Mail)

Home and Design (Globe and Mail)

Learn how to design, decorate and upscale your home from the stories of other Canadians. The Globe and Mail takes you inside homes, apartments, shopping malls and offices across Canada, and unveils how they were designed.

49. Design Shop

Design Shop

The girls from the Design Shop share their sophisticated style with you. Eavesdrop on their critiques of commercial and residential projects from across Canada, and beyond.

50. Kristina Lynne

Kristina Lynne

Kristina Lynne's blog is great. For professionals that want inspiration and for DIY interior design projects. She has a good eye for design, and her experience as a house flipper add a layer of insight that’s hard to find.

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