Mom of Munzy Mini Q & A

With mother's day just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to ask the woman we love the most a few questions for a mini Q&A post.

When you have a Mom as amazing as ours you celebrate her everyday.

Thanks for all your love and support Mom. We appreciate you more then we could ever say.


Hi Mom. So, we spent a lot of time camping as kids. Why did you think camping was important for your family?

Camping was a great way to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of  nature and the world around us. No television. No radio. Just family time together hiking, canoeing, roasting marshmallows over a campfire.


You've explored a lot of parks in Ontario. Is there one that stands out as a favourite?

Ontario has the  most amazing campgrounds. Algonquin was a family favourite- Pog Lake. I also love Lake Superior, Killbear, Sandbanks and Killarney. 


I know it's hard to pick, but could you tell us what a few of your favourite pieces by Jonathan are?

I love to see how Jonathan interprets nature in his paintings. Some of his impressionist pieces I love are Red Tree Golden Forest and Birch by Stream. Landscapes-  Lake Louise, Bent Rock Pine and Lake Huron Beach Pine. I also love his global piece Red Sun Mount Fuji.


Below: Munz Family 1986 - Felix, Jeanette, Rebecca, Laura and Jonathan.

January 01, 2019 — Laura Munz


Ursula Munz

Ursula Munz said:

Absolutely beautiful tribute to Jeanette! What a delightful Mom, a great Dad and the best three children ever! Much love to all!!!



I loved this idea! You “guys” are such a personal company, holding a great space in the midst of a high tech town. I am thrilled to find out some of mom’s picks exist – red tree, lake Louise!! Wow! Always hidden treasures in your store and these posts. Thank you Mom Munzy for giving our world this ‘funtastic’ Munzy Bunch!

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