Commissions By Munzy

 If you have a custom painting idea you would like Jonathan to consider, get started today contacting us by email at or by phone 226 606 2233. 

We've put together some information here for your consideration. This is meant to give some general guidance through ordering a custom oil painting. Each custom request is inherently unique to varying degrees. 

Quick Custom Facts 

No deposit required

Payment only due once painting is complete if our client is happy with the painting. We do this to ensure customer satisfaction. 

No previews or updates during the painting process 

We only like to share completed pieces as parts of each painting may change throughout the painting process. 


Depends on Jonathan’s painting schedule. Typically smaller pieces require 2 months notice with larger pieces taking 4-6 months. 


Reference Photo Examples

Questions To Consider

What Munzy Style Are You Interested In? 

1.   Liney Style = Stained glass looking (top right photo)

2.  Impressiony Style = Rough naturalism (bottom right photo)

Do you have a photo you’d like painted? 

Jonathan almost always works from a reference photo. The best case scenario is that you have a great photo you would like him to interpret. You’re welcome to share multiple images for consideration by email at

Don’t have a photo to share? 

That is OK too. We are happy to share reference photo concepts or a painting can be based on a previously painted piece. 

Size, Colour Requests and Timeline 

Do you have a specific size/orientation in mind for your piece? Any specific colour requests perhaps based on a previous piece? Regarding timeline, depending on the size and Jonathan’s availability. 

Sizes listed below are available in portrait or landscape orientation. We are happy to show you photoshopped mockups of different size and orientations in your space to bring confidence to your decision making process. 

Prices do not include 13% HST.

18" X 24" $850 

12" X 36" $900 

20" X 30" $1200 

24" X 36" $1800 

24” X 48” $2400 

30" X 40" $2700 

36" X 36" $2700 

36" X 48" $3600 

48” X 48” $4800 

Looking for a larger painting? Ask us about our custom canvas size options. 

Please note that we offer instalment payment plans on all Paint By Munzy original oil paintings and custom paintings. 

Commissioned Oil Paintings by Paint By Munzy
Commissioned Oil Paintings by Paint By Munzy

Commission Examples


Commissions have always been a service of Paint By Munzy's. In the artist's early twenties he started to take on custom painting projects for friends and family and has been treating clients to the gift of his custom artwork ever since.

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