The Stick Man Story

The Stick Man was Jonathan Munz’s first piece. Created using a medium of green Crayola crayon. this masterpiece still exists in Heidelberg Ontario, the artists hometown.

When Jonathan’s father discovered drawings on the bathroom cabinet drawer, he gathered his three children for a family meeting. It was made clear that walls, cupboards and furniture were not ideal places to colour. With a concerned look, Jonathan brought his father to his sister bedroom. He opened the closet door to reveal his latest work “The Stick Man.”

Although only four years old at the time, Jonathan still recalls just how difficult drawing that stick man was. When asked about it he jokes, “yeah it was hard to draw. Do you see the detail in his hair?”

Over the years the Munz household has changed its interior many times. During home renovations and construction, Jonathan’s first piece has been endearingly preserved, never to be painted over of left behind.


May 25, 2020 — Carson Collaborator


Samantha Kristoferson

Samantha Kristoferson said:

I love that the Stick Man changes with the seasons and holidays.

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