Who Is Paint By Munzy Artist Jonathan Munz?

Above: Jonathan Munz painting at the Paint By Munzy Art Gallery.

Who is Munzy?

Always drawing, designing and building, Waterloo based artist Jonathan Munz has exhibited artistic talent since a young age.

During his childhood, the Munz family spent summers exploring national parks with Killarney and Algonquin holding a special place in their hearts. Always inspired by nature, Jonathan began sketching more seriously shortly after an introduction to The Group of Seven and, more specifically, Canadian artist Tom Thomson. This early exposure to nature, culture and art fuelled a passion in him that later grew into experimentation with his own paintings.

“I always loved being outside as a youngster,” Jonathan states. “I enjoyed watching water; be it streams, waterfalls, lakes and reflections. As I got older I started to appreciate the beauty in solitary scenes as well. The windswept nature of northern Ontario trees, the way sunlight streams through a forest and the colours of autumn. I’m a big fan of winter as well and appreciate the clean whiteness of it all. In the end I think nature creates beautiful shapes and colours so I try to capture some of it in a painting.”

Jonathan Munz continues to paint from his home studio supporting his independent art gallery and online business “Paint by Munzy” managed by his younger sister Laura Munz.

If you’re looking for stunning original art, be sure to visit Laura at the Paint By Munzy Art Gallery located UpTown Waterloo. By appointment is available to suit your schedules needs. 

Gallery: 32 King Street North, UpTown Waterloo
Website: www.paintbymunzy.com
Phone: 226-606-2233
Email: paintbymunzy@gmail.com

May 22, 2020 — Jonathan Munz
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